Chisel Fitness Centre

How do I join?

Joining Chisel is a simple process and it all begins by visiting our website – Select your desired Fitness Centre, after which you will find the contact details listed. Call or email us and start your membership immediately! We’re happy to talk to you in person too if you wish to walk into our health clubs.

What are the annual and monthly membership charges for Chisel Fitness?

Our annual and monthly membership charges differ from centre to centre. You can contact your chosen fitness centre by visiting and speak to a representative to find out the various packages offered.

Can I trial Chisel Fitness before joining?

Yes of course! You are guaranteed a free one-day trial which gives you access to the club facilities and fitness classes.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we offer monthly discounts which vary from centre to centre. The first walk-in of the day will also receive a lucky offer!

Does Chisel Fitness have a corporate scheme?

Yes, we do offer corporate schemes built around your needs. Please contact a centre representative for more information on this.

Can I pay by cash or card?

You can pay by cash or card. Our health centres accept most major bankcards.

Can I cancel my membership?

You may cancel your membership however we will not offer a refund. Better yet, you are free to transfer your membership to a buddy of your choice. A minimal registration fee will be charged upon the transfer.

Is there any way I can freeze my account for a short amount of time?

No, our health centres do not allow this unless you have a medical condition.

Is personal training available?

Yes, we have full time personal trainers available at all our centres. Our trainers are highly qualified and are available at an affordable, additional cost.

How much is a personal training session?

Each personal trainer has his or her own rates based on the training level required. A fitness assessment can be carried out to determine the ideal training level you require.

Can I bring a guest to Chisel Fitness?

Yes, of course. You’re welcome to bring along a guest for a day to experience facilities at the gym floor or our group classes.

What is the minimum age to join Chisel Fitness?

You need to be 16 years old before becoming a member at any of our centres. Outside of that, you’re welcome at any age!

Does the facility include a steam and sauna?

All our centres offer a high-quality steam only.

Do you provide parking at Chisel Fitness?

Yes, all centres have free parking for respective gym members.

I’ve lost my valuables at the centre. What do I do?

You can contact the front office immediately and they will do their best to help you. Please do keep in mind that once you enter our health centres, you are responsible for your belongings.